Wednesday, July 9, 2008

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A few months back I got into a discussion on this blog about spanking and how we use it in training our children. I had intended to continue the discussion for several more posts, but became discouraged by the direction things had gone in comments and private emails received from some readers. I felt as though I had been forced into a position of defending spanking as the only philosophy of child-training, rather than discussing it as a useful tool (which is how I started out the discussion). And I also felt somewhat handicapped in the discussion because of some people's emotional reactions to the teachings of Michael and Debi Pearl-- which we put into practice in some part, in our own ideas.

But because child-training is a topic of great interest to me (partly because it's what I do all day :) ) I would like to re-visit it. And I would like to do it by re-introducing you to the Pearls. I think they get a bad rap from people who read short excerpts from one book and then toss out the whole ministry-- tub, bathwater, baby and all. I'm also hoping that some of my friends who are just hearing about the Pearls for the first time will appreciate this small taste of what they're all about.

The Pearls have given permission to reproduce the first chapter of any of their books, as long as it is printed in it's entirety. I've chosen the first chapter of "The Joy of Training, Vol 3", which is a compilation of articles from their magazine "No Greater Joy". I'm installing a button on my sidebar to take you to their site where you can read more if you are interested. I plan to take the chapter paragraph by paragraph and do a little commentary of my own along with. I think I've talked Jeremiah into joining me in this little project, so we may alternate paragraphs on our two blogs. Check out his blog as well, to get the Daddy perspective  :)

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