Monday, August 11, 2008

Blogs and such

So I have a new pet project (hi again, by the way, we've been out of town for Polly's b-day-- pics later). Despite all y'all's self-righteous protestations to the contrary, I know that many of you are actually just as addicted to blog-stalking as I am. So, I'm joining a new 'net phenomenon that I first heard about from Smocklady. I checked out the original post at a new blog I'm checking out these days. 

The basic idea of "Blogging The Recession" (see new button in sidebar) is encouraging people who subscribe to blogs with ads to actually load the blog page, instead of simply reading the post off your blog reader (or email, or whatever vehicle gets info about new posts on your fav blogs to you). This allows your favorite bloggers to actually "get the credit", so to speak, of having you as a reader. I never thought about it before, but simply going to a blog's front page and reading the latest post provides that blogger with a (albeit, small) part of her daily income. Clicking around to read archives or check out offers or ads on the sidebars is a bonus. 

I'm not ready to start putting ads on my blog yet (not enough readership to make it worthwhile, at this point), but some of the blogs I read daily depend on them for their daily bread, so I'm joining the movement to "Support My Favorite Bloggers"!! Won't you join, too?

(P.S. I also promise to update my blogroll soon, so you can check out all the cool bloggers that I've discovered recently!)


Denise said...

You know, I didn't even think of this. I subscribe to quite a few blogs that use ads to help costs, and I've totally not realized that by not visiting the site itself, I am not helping like I should. I try to remember stuff like that, if I know they advertise a particular website I want to visit, to go to it from someone's link. Thanks for the reminder!

BTW, I'm so sorry about the bad bike news..... :(

Daisy said...

I'm determined to get to all the blogs on the list before August is over - I can't do anything about the national economy, but I can click on blogs!

TheAngelForever said...

I am also Blogging the Recession. It has been so much fun and a perk is finding great new blogs to frequent :)

b.q. said...

There is always power in numbers, so let's keep on blogging through this recession!