Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fun with the cousins

My sister, Susi, and her daughter Violet have been visiting with us these past two weeks. It's been so cool to see the three kids together. Violet loves playing with Judah's feet and Sofi is in seventh heaven with TWO babies to play with! This virtually ensures that at least one of them will be in good enough mood to sit on her lap for a few moments at any given time. I will let my pictures speak quite a few thousand words as far as how the visit went....

Playing in the backyard:

Tub Time!!

Playing footsie :)

Tummy time...who will crawl first...

Getting ready for the pool

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Random thoughts and Explanations

For those of you wondering about the title of my blog.... The herb, Rue is traditionally used to sharpened and strengthen eyesight. In the middle ages it was also called the Herb of Repentance and the Herb of Grace. Rue is a bitter herb-- it symbolizes suffering and purification. I have come to see the suffering in my life (minimal as it is in comparison to others') as the evidence of God's Grace towards me. It has strengthened my spiritual "eyesight" and constantly brings me to repentance. Hence the significance of Rue-- The herb o' Grace o' Sundays.

In other news... in addition to past sufferings (as many of you know) there is a new JOY in our lives-- our son, Judah Eliot. His name means "Praise be to the God of my Salvation". God gave me his name in a dream while I was pregnant... I dreamed that I had given birth to a baby boy with long legs and Big feet (a Forshey tradition). When I woke up, I had the name 'Judah' in my head. Prior to this I had been unsuccessfully searching for a name that meant "Praise". I looked up 'Judah' and, bingo!, there it was. He is beautiful. Hard to believe a baby could ever be as cute as Sofi was,but he is. Enjoy the pics, current ones will be posted soon.... I hope.....

Trying Something New

So, I have enjoyed the blogs of all my friends for long enough that I have been inspired to try my hand at it. I am told that it is completely addictive. We shall see....

I will attempt to keep fairly regular updates and interesting tidbits available to those who read, but (as a mother of two) I make no promises!