Friday, April 26, 2013

Summer lunches...

I was 22 when Sofi was born. I was in a hurry. I wanted lots of children, I wanted them all Now and I wanted everything unpleasant in Motherhood to speed by as quickly as possible.

I spent a lot of the first five years of her life wanting things I couldn't have. I missed a lot of what I did have in the meantime. I sped through her babyhood in a daze. I forget a lot of it.

The big gap between Sofi and Judah represents a lot. Two miscarriages. Lots of tears. Lots of growing. A lot (but not enough yet) of letting go of Me and learning to hold on to Him.

Now I have two boys. I have learned am learning to slow down. God's gift to me is the occasional day like today which starts with my agenda thwarted (by a spill, or a melt-down, or a fight, or....) and then I, slowed down, have time to see what I have here, now, in this moment. The beauty that surrounds me.

Today, by God's grace, I see...

Lunch on the deck

 photo IMG_9140_zpse34eec73.jpg

Silly faces

 photo IMG_9136_zpsfc0729f6.jpg

Short people

 photo IMG_9144_zps45e0f90a.jpg

My Boys

 photo IMG_9146_zps977e936c.jpg

 photo IMG_9149_zpsbd83051b.jpg

Sky-high eyelashes

 photo IMG_9153_zps6d82951d.jpg

Chubby baby curves and binkies

 photo IMG_9159_zps40c5dde7.jpg

Milk mustaches

 photo IMG_9161_zpse10f00c0.jpg

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My boy...

We read the story of the Martyrdom of Stephan this morning... I explained that they killed Stephan because he talked about Jesus. Judah's thoughts on why the Jews were angry with Jesus...

"They were really mad at him... they were mad 'cause they thought he was gonna fight for them...They thought he was gonna kill all their enemies... fight for them. And he did. He fought for them by dying. He died to fight their sins..."

And another classic Judah moment this morning... 

"Judah, you're doing really well with this-- you're very good at math! (and he really is!)"

As the words left my mouth, he reached for something and knocked a plate full of snacks flying off the table to shatter in a pile of glass shards and pumpkin seeds on the floor.

Agile mind, not so much the body...

Every morning after chores, the boys get a few minutes to wrestle/tussle/play on my bed before school. After listening to this morning's "Play on Mama's Bed" session this morning, I think Jude is quickly regretting his decision to teach Jamie to "Hulk Smash me, Jamie! Hulk Smash me!"

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Twenty-Seven Minutes, Thirty-Five Seconds!!!

Today was a big day for us!!

We woke up at 6:00, threw the kids in the car and took off! We dropped them at a friends house, went by car  to here:

 photo 101320BaptistOrlando_zps6e8c1c6d.jpg

And spent a loooong tiiiime waiting around:

 photo 20130413_084206_zps0a2a6212.jpg

To get on a bus to go here:

 photo 7c51cbf6-f443-4a74-a3c8-bd2366e27022_zps14c81053.jpg

In order to spend more time waiting around....

 photo 20130413_092114_zps33b40a64.jpg

With all these people:

 photo 20130413_092032_zps4f5572f3.jpg
J: "Hehe... this is huge... if they gave each of us a spear, we could take over a small country."

And then



 photo 20130413_102348_zps02fa832b.jpg

And when we were done (Twenty-seven minutes and thirty-five seconds later)...

 photo 20130413_102408_zpse80e1a32.jpg

We went to pick up the kids (who had been warned what we would look like when we got back and so were not actually totally scarred by the sight of their parents)

 photo IMG_8997_zps92c5e927.jpg

And then, for the first time that day (at about 11:00),


 photo DSC00200_zps33a5c3cc.jpg

 photo 20130413_123709_zpsde148691.jpg

And next year, we're taking these adorable kiddoes with us!!!

 photo 20130413_123720_zps130b3948.jpg

 photo 20130413_123724_zps7e6c768f.jpg

Things I learned while writing this post:

1)When J has the camera, suddenly there I am in all the pics!
2) J's camera is way better than mine
3) If you forget to take a pic of something, you can probably fine it on the internet.

Friday, April 12, 2013

A post about Nicknames

We love nicknames in our family...

For as long as I can remember, nicknames have been a way to show affection and familial familiarity. I think maybe my grandfather started it... He called us all "Lemuel". Or "Lemmie".  Don't ask. I have no idea. My father called us "Munchkins". I do know where that came from! I called my baby sister "Chickie" or "Chicken".  And then I had my own children...

Sofi: Her first name was Cricket. That child had hiccups for nearly nine straights months in utero. My belly hopped around like a Mexican Jumping Bean while she trampolined off every internal organ.

And then we called her Chickie. Or Chicken. Because I was still figuring out how to transition from Big Sister to Mama and it seemed appropriate to call her the same pet name I used for my First Baby-- my little sister, Tess. Who was really my third baby anyway, because Sam and Polly were my babies, too, really. And besides, she squawked and chirped with her hungry mouth opened wide, just like a baby chickie....

 photo 9cbf0eb5-e3ed-49ac-a869-69de190f1458_zps69be8b2f.jpg

Judah: Oh my that boy had the bluest baby blues... and so we called him Judah Blue. Judah Blue Eyed Boy.

 photo IMG_8974_zpse9f0f7ec.jpg

And the fat rolls!! We called him Judah Buddha. His Aunt Polly, Queen of Fat Rolls herself, once upon a longlong time ago, gave him that name. And Sofi started calling him just "Buddha" The chiropracter tentatively asked me one day... "Is his name...Buddha? Is that it?" And I laughed and laughed....

His mama still calls him My White-Headed Boy, because he is. And sometimes Scooter, because he did-- for the longest time. And his daddy calls him Buddy, and Little Man.

And now there's Jamie. And he has four people who all make up their own nicknames for him.





Cuddle Monster

That Boy 


Jo-jo (because of his inititals)




..and most recently my favorite, which somehow morphed out of some tongue-tripping combination of those last three names:


 photo IMG_8824_zps895b3571.jpg

Jamie-Jo, My Subito...

Thursday, April 11, 2013

5 Things I'm Not Going To Post About

I wish I had some pics to get my blogging mojo going tonight, but the only things I got the camera out for today were:

1) To show Judah how ridiculous he looked when he throws a temper tantrum like he's a two-year-old.

"Noooooooooooooo! Don't show that to ANYONE!!!!!!!! NO ONE!! Except Daddy. Because he's my family. "

So. Obviously. Not going to post that.

2) To prove to Sofi that she was not, in fact, doing a push-up 

"exactly like they're doing on the dvd!!"

-- she insisted, with her hiney waving in the air...

Again. Not going to post that.

I also really should not talk about:

3) The fact that J is working laaaaate tonight and rather than plan something fun and memorable with my progeny, I turned on Shaun the Sheep and poured myself a glass of wine. The last glass. Which means J is drinking water tonight. Yep. Wife of the year, for sure.

4) My run on Moday was a PR, but sooooo sloooooow compared to all my running friends on FB that I'm totally NOT going to talk about it.

Ok. Fine.

5 miles. 12 min/mile average.

See? Happy now?

5) I just turned 34.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Boys in the Kitchen

Remember our Pinterest Mud Kitchen? We're putting it to good use on a daily basis, now that we've raked up the TWENTY-FOUR BAGS of live-oak leaves that was giving it a vampire-movie-set vibe that made it hard to play out there...

 photo IMG_8875_zps1cf90ecd.jpg

 photo IMG_8870_zpsb6c0877c.jpg

 photo IMG_8867_zpsda554661.jpg

 photo IMG_8864_zpsf1f799b1.jpg

 photo IMG_8863_zps5c20e5f2.jpg

 photo IMG_8882_zpsfa1e7e13.jpg

 photo IMG_8884_zps8908b6e9.jpg

 photo IMG_8891_zps9c5fe751.jpg

 photo IMG_8894_zpsce6eceb5.jpg

Monday, April 1, 2013

5 Happy Things For Easter Monday

1) 91 pieces of Origami.

 photo IMG_8822_zps9cc0d1e5.jpg

2) Bright Red Geraniums in Pots.

 photo IMG_8819_zpsaef1d10b.jpg

3) Approximately 12 dozen egg-- real, plastic, or filled-with-confetti

 photo IMG_8804_zps11cbac3d.jpg

4) 12 children hunting Easter Eggs. Eight of them are five and under. Five of them are two-year-olds.

 photo IMG_8787_zps1086fabe.jpg

5) Two days in the pool.

 photo IMG_8854_zps4d632571.jpg

And now, Spring Break is Done.