Monday, April 1, 2013

5 Happy Things For Easter Monday

1) 91 pieces of Origami.

 photo IMG_8822_zps9cc0d1e5.jpg

2) Bright Red Geraniums in Pots.

 photo IMG_8819_zpsaef1d10b.jpg

3) Approximately 12 dozen egg-- real, plastic, or filled-with-confetti

 photo IMG_8804_zps11cbac3d.jpg

4) 12 children hunting Easter Eggs. Eight of them are five and under. Five of them are two-year-olds.

 photo IMG_8787_zps1086fabe.jpg

5) Two days in the pool.

 photo IMG_8854_zps4d632571.jpg

And now, Spring Break is Done.

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