Saturday, April 13, 2013

Twenty-Seven Minutes, Thirty-Five Seconds!!!

Today was a big day for us!!

We woke up at 6:00, threw the kids in the car and took off! We dropped them at a friends house, went by car  to here:

 photo 101320BaptistOrlando_zps6e8c1c6d.jpg

And spent a loooong tiiiime waiting around:

 photo 20130413_084206_zps0a2a6212.jpg

To get on a bus to go here:

 photo 7c51cbf6-f443-4a74-a3c8-bd2366e27022_zps14c81053.jpg

In order to spend more time waiting around....

 photo 20130413_092114_zps33b40a64.jpg

With all these people:

 photo 20130413_092032_zps4f5572f3.jpg
J: "Hehe... this is huge... if they gave each of us a spear, we could take over a small country."

And then



 photo 20130413_102348_zps02fa832b.jpg

And when we were done (Twenty-seven minutes and thirty-five seconds later)...

 photo 20130413_102408_zpse80e1a32.jpg

We went to pick up the kids (who had been warned what we would look like when we got back and so were not actually totally scarred by the sight of their parents)

 photo IMG_8997_zps92c5e927.jpg

And then, for the first time that day (at about 11:00),


 photo DSC00200_zps33a5c3cc.jpg

 photo 20130413_123709_zpsde148691.jpg

And next year, we're taking these adorable kiddoes with us!!!

 photo 20130413_123720_zps130b3948.jpg

 photo 20130413_123724_zps7e6c768f.jpg

Things I learned while writing this post:

1)When J has the camera, suddenly there I am in all the pics!
2) J's camera is way better than mine
3) If you forget to take a pic of something, you can probably fine it on the internet.

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