Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Post of Un-Answerable Questions

"Are Asgardians made of magic? Is that how they live? They're made of magic? Is that why Thor can touch the end of his hammer and not get dead? Because he's made out of magic?"

"In the Norths Miss (Norse Myths-- an admittedly tricky tongue twister...) on the Kindle they say Loki is a doer of good AND a doer of evil, but in all the Thor movies he's only a bad guy.... Why is that?"

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

an excerpt from this meme/post is about the mothers in my life (two grandmothers and mama). this year for the first time, only my mama will be reading...

I am from a bent wire tree covered with amethysts,
From the finger-worn neck of a long-loved fiddle, 

From the whispering scent of Jean Naté and a marbled notebook stacked on a well-worn Bible. 

You gift-givers wove all my life around with music and beautiful words. 

I am from all of you.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Kitchen: Before Pictures

When I posted on FB asking for people's ideas for cheap (free would be better) ways to update our kitchen, everyone asked for pics. So! Here there are. And here's a link to the Pinterest board where I'm keeping track of my ideas so far. We're not replacing the cabinetry at all, but I do plan to paint it-- I bought a priming "system" that's supposed to cover laminate so you can paint with regular latex on top. New hardware and a tile backsplash might possibly be in the budget, too, especially if we can find the materials at the Habitat ReStore.

And by the way, I'm not responsible for that moldy green color on the walls... It was here when we bought the house.

 photo IMG_9239_zps8bf1bb95.jpg

 photo IMG_9240_zps7a5bf219.jpg

It's really this "dropped ceiling" lighting that has me down in the dumps.

 photo IMG_9241_zps4fb29879.jpg

It looks so dated and makes the kitchen feel cave-like. It seems like there ought to be some sort of easy fix to update this...

 photo IMG_9242_zpsc7d3f16a.jpg

 photo IMG_9243_zps2f5e73a0.jpg

I'm thinking that perhaps something like this might be our best option... CHeap and easy-- no major construction changes.

 photo Phillips_Tray2-635x323_zpsee6b10c0.jpg

I'm only worried about the deep soffats making the cabinets look so squatty. If you glance back up at the pics of mine above, you can see that there's not really room for nice nice trim along the top edge...

Any way. This is where we're at so far. Any ideas?

Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Saturday Adventure

Sofi's at a birthday party, Daddy's busy with work, Mommy's cleaning and cooking, SO

The boys are going on an adventure!

 photo IMG_9226_zps8499edda.jpg

 photo IMG_9228_zps6efa3703.jpg

 photo IMG_9227_zps4ffebd12.jpg

 photo IMG_9232_zpsfda6f13e.jpg

 photo IMG_9235_zps7238c1fe.jpg

 photo IMG_9236_zpsd1d5d2c3.jpg

 photo IMG_9238_zpsf4edc9a6.jpg