Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Batman Principle

(as heard in the sermon this Sunday at church-- part of a discussion of difficult things in one's life leading to good results in character or other things-- somewhat paraphrased)

"My sons sometimes ask me the Big Question. You know, "Why did God make mosquitoes?" Mosquitoes are awful-- they buzz around, they bite you. What possible good reason could there be for the existence of mosquitoes?And I explain it to them this way. Bats eat mosquitoes. Lots of mosquitoes. They eat hundreds of mosquitoes every day. If there were no mosquitoes, bats would have no food. No mosquitoes, no bats. No bats, No Batman!! And what in the world would we do without Batman??? That would be a tragedy indeed.

In the eyes of a seven-year-old boy, anyway."

Friday, August 29, 2008

New Blogger

Got a new blogging friend on the sidebar, guys. Check her out! Cranberry Paper is a friend of mine from childhood-- now married, with her own little one and a rockin' home business giving the best haircuts on the east coast! Haven't tried the color jobs yet, but they're probably just as good.

Her most recent blog about an embarrassing encounter in Walmart is a funny read-- enjoy!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

August Poetic Licence

Robin, at Penseive, is at it again! The monthly Poetic License challenge is back and I'm so glad :) Here's the challenge, and here's my Back to School Penseive, because Robin said that if we wrote a Penseive she would ", cherish and admire you forEVAH" and who could pass that up?? I ask you...

Good Morning, Mr Forshey, How Was Your Summer?

Books start to creep off the shelves and into wordy piles on my coffee table. 
Muttered frustrations about endless meetings hang in dark clouds in the corners of the room.
White dress shirts hang, still warm and crisp from the iron, their sleeves knife-edged.
The light-headed smell of whiteboard ink lingers on the edges of his khaki pockets. 
The endless march of bologna and cheese sandwiches with mustard, mayo and some horseradish-- to make it bearable-- begins again.

See you next summer, lover....

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


You know how they say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach? That goes double for Judah!! Take note, girls...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bring back Shirley Temple

Okay. I don't consider myself to be one of those people who spurns everything produced by modern media. We watch the occasional Disney recent release and Hermie and Wormie have a place in our hearts. We went to see The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything and Happy Feet with Sofi in the theater.


This week the free movie at the downtown theater was Snow Buddies. A kind of variation on the Air Bud theme. Remember that one? Well, let me just say that this movie is abysmal. Just plain, downright rotten. Total junk. Have I made my feelings clear? I hated really disliked it. Here's my beef:

Why does Disney (and other movie makers as well, I'm just picking on Disney for now) think it's a good idea to completely undermine a child's normal and healthy respect for and trust in adults? Why are adults always the stupid ones, the bad guys and/or the overbearing/misunderstanding/rigid/untrusting/fun-killing party poopers? Especially parents. Parents are the worst. Parents tell you that since you are only eight (or maybe nine?) you aren't allowed to 1) buy five more dogs, 2) train them to pull the sled that you--the father-- crashed in last year, killing six good dogs of your own and nearly losing your own life into the bargain, and 3) enter your team in "the toughest dogsled race in Alaska"-- miles of "grueling terrain" to compete against the best adult teams in the world, including Sweden (incompetent), France (stupid bad guy) and some other slavic country I didn't catch the name of (negligible).

But the moral of this story is that, 1) if you "pray" a "wish" in a generally upward direction for five more dogs, he/she/it will send five golden retriever pups to your door, 2) you can train them in 30 minutes of long shots across the snow and three pep talks from spooky old sled dog about "teamwork", 3) your parents will never find out what's going on even though you spend every waking minute out in the Alaskan wilderness with said pups, 4) you can outsmart the entire adult population of a small town and 5) WIN! the "grueling", "toughest in the world" race and 6) you dad will apologize for not realizing that "this is your time" (not joking).

Bleh. Pardon me while I barf up all my common sense.

I don't think I'm over-reacting here, either. I think it's a growing trend in movies to vilify the adults and make the kids smarter, faster and stronger. Now, don't get me wrong, I took a course in writing for children. I know we need child protagonists and heroes so that kids will be engaged in the story and able to identify with the main characters. I dig that. My problem with the trend I'm seeing is that I want my kids to see adults cast in noble roles-- in addition to all the kid heroes. I want them to look up to adults as role models. After all, we do want them to become adults some day, right?

I look back on some of the movies I remember from my childhood-- and I guess they were old even then. Davy Crockett, remember that one? And Bambi? What about The Apple Dumpling Gang? And all the Shirley Temple movies. In each of these there are child (or baby animal) characters, but there are in addition, noble adult characters who protect, care for, and generally look after the child protagonist(s). That's what I want my children to see/hear/read for entertainment. Stories that stretch their minds and imaginations and are exciting, but that re-enforce the idea that Mommy and Daddy (and other adults) are here to look out for you and they really do know best.

It may be a while before we see another Disney movie made in the last decade. And I will certainly be previewing it ahead of time.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Let me just start out by saying that I love my son dearly. He is handsome-- looks just like his daddy-- intelligent and very loving. But I have to say that the intricacies of the male mind are far, far beyond me. I have a hard enough time figuring out what makes my husband tick and he can talk, suppress inappropriate anti-social behavior and is toilet-trained. Judah is making me doubt my qualification for mature-adult-able-to-deal-with-children status. I'm not saying that Sofi (at age one-and-a-half) was a piece of cake, but here are some things I'd just like to know about boys:

  • Why do they wake up every morning greeting you with their entire vocabulary of animal sounds? A simple kiss would be fine.

  • Why is his default animal sound a growl? Cats, pigs, dogs, horses, sheep-- all growl... (eta: apparently penguins growl, too, as of this afternoon)

  • Why is his reaction to (pretty much any kind of) music to run at full tilt from one end of the house to other until he crashes, cry for hugs and kisses and then go do it again?

  • Why is every toy tested for sound by banging it against (if I'm lucky) his head or (if unlucky) the nearest head belonging to (A) a small child, or (B) a strange adult?

  • Why does his sweet nature express itself in a need to greet every young child he meets by putting them into an affectionate headlock and then lying down on them? This is not so popular with the mommies. (Thanks, Jessie, for being so patient about it. I hope Gabe is not suffering any ill-effects?)

  • What is the fascination with driving trucks up and down adult bodies?

  • Do bananas really need to be squished entirely into mush before being thrown on the floor in rejection of them as a food source?

Seriously though. I covet your prayers. I do not want to frustrate my son, or turn him into a girl. But for the past seven years, ours has been a very quiet, sedate household and I really don't know how to channel all this energy into something constructive and good for him. 

Would y'all please add some of the things you wonder about your boys? And any conclusions you've come to are welcome, too.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Why I have nothing to post about tonight:

  • Camera card reader is lost
  • Chickened out of the poetry thing for now
  • School was supposed to start for Sofi this week, but things are a leeetle bit crazy, so no school stories to tell
  • All profound thoughts in my brain leaked out around the time I read "Bathe One Baby" to Judah for the millionteenth time today

BUT. I am working on several posts in my head (and in my drafts):

  • Why I hate dislike intensely most recently made children's movies
  • The mysteries of raising a boy (ie: how to get Judah to stop hitting people-- including himself-- in the head with toys and other objects)
  • Poetry (if I can get my nerve up)
  • The latest pictures (if I ever find the card reader)
I now know why professional bloggers have all those themed days-- like Works for Me Wednesday and all the "copycats" (*ducks for cover as all the other bloggers who do themed days throw their keyboards at her*). It's to keep the boredom of everyday life from infecting their blogs! 

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Possibly something newish

I'm thinking about doing something new... I've always loved poetry. I enjoy reading it, I enjoy writing it. Well, I enjoyED writing once upon a time. I haven't really written much of anything in a good long while (kids kind of put a damper on long contemplative walks and quiet pensive moments). I really enjoyed the poetry challenge over at Penseive a few weeks ago and hoped that perhaps participating in her weekly challenges would re-motivate me to write more. But a few themes like this one and this one got me less than nowhere (as those of you who know my feelings on reptiles and insects could guess).  So instead I'm thinking of starting something myself (yep, Laura, you could have guessed that, too ;). I think I may start posting a weekly poem of my own. I'll start with some that I wrote a while back-- just to get myself warmed up. Then I'll try to move into new creations. Since I'm such a glutton for comments, I'll ask you all to participate by leaving me suggestions for topics and encouraging remarks when I publish (note: "encouraging" being the operative word there).

I know I'm sounding very hesitant and non-committal. I'm reserving the right to decide not to do this at any point. It's a little un-nerving to share one's innermost thoughts with anonymous (and possibly non-existent) readers.

I might just start tomorrow....

Friday, August 15, 2008

Quick change of mood...

Okay, I'm gonna go out on a limb here with a blog recommendation. I have laughed myself blind over this blog in the last few months-- it's hysterical. This guy is a cake decorator and is cataloging some pretty spectacular cake decorating disasters (many from submissions by his readers). It's wildly funny-- mostly because of the monumental stupidity that humanity is capable of.

Here's the hitch. The blogger tries to keep it reasonably clean, but you're gonna wanna make sure there's no munchkins peeking over your shoulder when you check it out. Some of these pics are pretty... well, disturbing. For example, the "woman-pushing-baby-out" cake topper. Or the "baby's floating head" cake. And the list goes on...

So. Check it out if you want. I think it's funny. Don't judge my spiritual maturity by my sense of humor :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The "more, later"

(see previous post for title explanation)

Judah is officially weaned. It's been about two weeks now, so I'm calling it. He still takes a bottle of moo milk to bed every night and occasionally gets one first thing in the morning, but no nursies. *sniff* I had wanted to nurse him at least 18 months, as I did Sofi, but his nursing was getting pretty perfunctory and more habit than nutrition. The meds I'm taking are supposed to be safe for breastfeeding, but I haven't really liked giving him a "daily dose" of what I'm taking along with his nursies. So when he was at the point where he wanted to get down after about three minutes of nursing (and we were only doing that about twice a day) I just decided to encourage him a little. 

As those who know our story could guess, it's been pretty emotional to wean this one. I've had to keep letting go of this pre-conceived idea of what "my family" would look like. I've wanted another little girl ever since Sofi was born-- a sister for her (whole 'nother post there), in addition to more of the companionship and "kindred spirit"- thing for me. Don't get me wrong, I love my son enormously and wouldn't trade him for five more girls! But boys are a mystery to me and I feel a little off-balance when I think of raising him to be a man of God.

But with the weaning of Judah, I'm having to come to terms with the likelihood that God is not going to give us more children. I will likely not have another daughter to pass on those pink-and-girly, frilly-lacy things to. I'm not putting God in a box here. I know He could easily overcome the obstacles any time He likes. I'm just saying that from all visible indications, Judah is the tail of the Forshey dog (how's that for an analogy!). 

I don't want to say that in a "poor me", sympathy-inducing manner. I want to say it in a joyful, God-is-in-control-and-that's-the-way-it-should-be manner. I'm getting there... It's silly, really. Two children are all I can handle at the moment anyway. Why should I be sad about something I probably won't get to have, that I think I want later, but not now, for sure! That's ridiculous.

But who can argue with the hormonal melancholy of a weaning mother? Don't argue, just pass me some more chocolate. And a new box of tissues.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wish me luck!

Well, it's the beginning of The Great De-Cluttering Of '08 around here. I'm trying to get ready for some serious homeschooling this semester by getting my home more organized. The fact that my house has no closets somewhat complicates this goal.As it does every year. BUT. This year we have an ATTIC, people! It is a wonderful gift of God.

So my first act of De-Cluttering was to organize the dining room-- which is where we plan to do school. Transforming my dining room into a cute, functional and multi-purpose dining/school room would give me a good feeling of "Super Human Homeschooling Mom has Perfectly Organized House". But first I had to get Judah's toys out of the (over-flowing) toy corner and put away somewhere in his room. But the kid's room is full of Sofi's toys. So first I would have to move Sofi's toys on shelves in the (teeny-tiny) closet. But that was full of out-grown clothes in garbage bags and bins. 

Actually, my real first act of De-Cluttering was to go through all the baby clothes I've been saving for nearly six years now and sort out what went to consignment and what had to be donated to Goodwill. It was kind of emotional. More on that later.

So, tomorrow I will take a gi-mongous (if I say it's a word, it's a word) box full of tiny, frilly, pink and dreamy baby girl clothes into town and lay them on the altar of practicality-over-sentimentality-- hopefully making a good enough return to purchase Sofi's winter wardrobe.

Wish me luck!

Monday, August 11, 2008


... is now updated, as promised. Of course now everyone can see how long it's been since some of you slackers have posted! Come on, get crackin', we need some updates-- you know who you are...

Also added a bookshelf. Having lots of fun with widgets tonight.

Hope you take some time to check out the new sites! You'll be glad you did, I guarantee it.

Blogs and such

So I have a new pet project (hi again, by the way, we've been out of town for Polly's b-day-- pics later). Despite all y'all's self-righteous protestations to the contrary, I know that many of you are actually just as addicted to blog-stalking as I am. So, I'm joining a new 'net phenomenon that I first heard about from Smocklady. I checked out the original post at a new blog I'm checking out these days. 

The basic idea of "Blogging The Recession" (see new button in sidebar) is encouraging people who subscribe to blogs with ads to actually load the blog page, instead of simply reading the post off your blog reader (or email, or whatever vehicle gets info about new posts on your fav blogs to you). This allows your favorite bloggers to actually "get the credit", so to speak, of having you as a reader. I never thought about it before, but simply going to a blog's front page and reading the latest post provides that blogger with a (albeit, small) part of her daily income. Clicking around to read archives or check out offers or ads on the sidebars is a bonus. 

I'm not ready to start putting ads on my blog yet (not enough readership to make it worthwhile, at this point), but some of the blogs I read daily depend on them for their daily bread, so I'm joining the movement to "Support My Favorite Bloggers"!! Won't you join, too?

(P.S. I also promise to update my blogroll soon, so you can check out all the cool bloggers that I've discovered recently!)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bad bike news

We found out yesterday from the guys at the bike shop that my bike (*sniff, sniff*) will have to be replaced :( Apparently it's too small and in order to make it a comfortable ride, the handlebars have been adjusted upwards waaaay past the safe point. The guy said that with the extra weight of the trailer and kids, it's a pretty serious safety hazard. *sigh* He thinks that we could get a nice used bike for around $200. But that's pretty impossible right now unless God performs a monetary miracle. My only hope is that someone in the area will realize that their (17") bike is too BIG and they're looking for a nice 15" (I think) to trade for! :) It really is a nice bike. The handlebars need to be re-taped and the tires are getting a bit worn-down, but it's lightweight and dependable-- easy to ride and very demure and classy. Y'all pass the word around, ya hear??

But wait, the news gets even worse. Apparently Jeremiah's bike is also too small (What can I say? We have spider ancestry...) and needs to be replaced as well. J has had progressively severe knee pain over the last few months and it's reached the point now where he's agreed to a chiropractor visit this weekend. (pause for shocked reactions from people who know how J feels about medical attention to himself of any sort what-so-ever, regardless of seriousness of his illness-- including almost dying Right in the Middle Of MY LABOR with Sofi!!!)

So, since the bikes are pretty indispensable for our family these days (we use them pretty much every day--especially J, who bikes to work every morning), we are looking at having to fork over between $200 and $400 in the next few weeks to replace our bikes. Granted, it's not the price of a new car, or anything, but given the time of year... Well, if y'all think of it, pray for us :(

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lolcats :)

Sorry, I know. It's an epidemic-- but I just couldn't resist these few.

more cat pictures

more cat pictures

And one more for Myers and Laura

more cat pictures

Saturday, August 2, 2008

New look

I'm thinking this may be the (at least semi--) permanent face of my blog. I've been spending a lot of time fiddling around with various templates on another blog of mine that I created solely for that purpose. This one seems to be "me". Whatcha think? Sue? Laurie? People who know me? Is this Me?

Anyway. It's here for now. And messing around with all the cool templates was fun! And it got me motivated to learn more about html and website design and such. Which is good, because our business website and blog (really too embarrassed to share the link just yet-- it's pretty, um... not done...)  are suffering from looong neglect. Partly because Laura is currently the only go-to woman for html/web design and she just had a baby! So not so much web design going on these days.

So stay tuned! I may soon be able to show off my html skills on our business sites! You'll be the first to know ;)

Friday, August 1, 2008

More biking...



(wait a minute...)