Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bad bike news

We found out yesterday from the guys at the bike shop that my bike (*sniff, sniff*) will have to be replaced :( Apparently it's too small and in order to make it a comfortable ride, the handlebars have been adjusted upwards waaaay past the safe point. The guy said that with the extra weight of the trailer and kids, it's a pretty serious safety hazard. *sigh* He thinks that we could get a nice used bike for around $200. But that's pretty impossible right now unless God performs a monetary miracle. My only hope is that someone in the area will realize that their (17") bike is too BIG and they're looking for a nice 15" (I think) to trade for! :) It really is a nice bike. The handlebars need to be re-taped and the tires are getting a bit worn-down, but it's lightweight and dependable-- easy to ride and very demure and classy. Y'all pass the word around, ya hear??

But wait, the news gets even worse. Apparently Jeremiah's bike is also too small (What can I say? We have spider ancestry...) and needs to be replaced as well. J has had progressively severe knee pain over the last few months and it's reached the point now where he's agreed to a chiropractor visit this weekend. (pause for shocked reactions from people who know how J feels about medical attention to himself of any sort what-so-ever, regardless of seriousness of his illness-- including almost dying Right in the Middle Of MY LABOR with Sofi!!!)

So, since the bikes are pretty indispensable for our family these days (we use them pretty much every day--especially J, who bikes to work every morning), we are looking at having to fork over between $200 and $400 in the next few weeks to replace our bikes. Granted, it's not the price of a new car, or anything, but given the time of year... Well, if y'all think of it, pray for us :(

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