Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wish me luck!

Well, it's the beginning of The Great De-Cluttering Of '08 around here. I'm trying to get ready for some serious homeschooling this semester by getting my home more organized. The fact that my house has no closets somewhat complicates this goal.As it does every year. BUT. This year we have an ATTIC, people! It is a wonderful gift of God.

So my first act of De-Cluttering was to organize the dining room-- which is where we plan to do school. Transforming my dining room into a cute, functional and multi-purpose dining/school room would give me a good feeling of "Super Human Homeschooling Mom has Perfectly Organized House". But first I had to get Judah's toys out of the (over-flowing) toy corner and put away somewhere in his room. But the kid's room is full of Sofi's toys. So first I would have to move Sofi's toys on shelves in the (teeny-tiny) closet. But that was full of out-grown clothes in garbage bags and bins. 

Actually, my real first act of De-Cluttering was to go through all the baby clothes I've been saving for nearly six years now and sort out what went to consignment and what had to be donated to Goodwill. It was kind of emotional. More on that later.

So, tomorrow I will take a gi-mongous (if I say it's a word, it's a word) box full of tiny, frilly, pink and dreamy baby girl clothes into town and lay them on the altar of practicality-over-sentimentality-- hopefully making a good enough return to purchase Sofi's winter wardrobe.

Wish me luck!

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Matt and Laurie Beardsley said...

*tear* I swear. Don't do it!!! Noooooo!!