Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Possibly something newish

I'm thinking about doing something new... I've always loved poetry. I enjoy reading it, I enjoy writing it. Well, I enjoyED writing once upon a time. I haven't really written much of anything in a good long while (kids kind of put a damper on long contemplative walks and quiet pensive moments). I really enjoyed the poetry challenge over at Penseive a few weeks ago and hoped that perhaps participating in her weekly challenges would re-motivate me to write more. But a few themes like this one and this one got me less than nowhere (as those of you who know my feelings on reptiles and insects could guess).  So instead I'm thinking of starting something myself (yep, Laura, you could have guessed that, too ;). I think I may start posting a weekly poem of my own. I'll start with some that I wrote a while back-- just to get myself warmed up. Then I'll try to move into new creations. Since I'm such a glutton for comments, I'll ask you all to participate by leaving me suggestions for topics and encouraging remarks when I publish (note: "encouraging" being the operative word there).

I know I'm sounding very hesitant and non-committal. I'm reserving the right to decide not to do this at any point. It's a little un-nerving to share one's innermost thoughts with anonymous (and possibly non-existent) readers.

I might just start tomorrow....

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