Saturday, August 2, 2008

New look

I'm thinking this may be the (at least semi--) permanent face of my blog. I've been spending a lot of time fiddling around with various templates on another blog of mine that I created solely for that purpose. This one seems to be "me". Whatcha think? Sue? Laurie? People who know me? Is this Me?

Anyway. It's here for now. And messing around with all the cool templates was fun! And it got me motivated to learn more about html and website design and such. Which is good, because our business website and blog (really too embarrassed to share the link just yet-- it's pretty, um... not done...)  are suffering from looong neglect. Partly because Laura is currently the only go-to woman for html/web design and she just had a baby! So not so much web design going on these days.

So stay tuned! I may soon be able to show off my html skills on our business sites! You'll be the first to know ;)


The Cranberry Paper said...

Hey Lisi.
Its Faith. Love youre new template!
Where'd ya find it??

Further Up & Further In said...


The Broken Man said...

I like the template - it's very feminine. I'm facinated by your "bitter herb", as I've never heard of "rue". We are Christians who also celebrate the Passover, and I wonder if Rue is the "bitter herb" which is supposed to be eaten at Passover - it certainly fits with the themes...

The Broken Man