Thursday, August 28, 2008

August Poetic Licence

Robin, at Penseive, is at it again! The monthly Poetic License challenge is back and I'm so glad :) Here's the challenge, and here's my Back to School Penseive, because Robin said that if we wrote a Penseive she would ", cherish and admire you forEVAH" and who could pass that up?? I ask you...

Good Morning, Mr Forshey, How Was Your Summer?

Books start to creep off the shelves and into wordy piles on my coffee table. 
Muttered frustrations about endless meetings hang in dark clouds in the corners of the room.
White dress shirts hang, still warm and crisp from the iron, their sleeves knife-edged.
The light-headed smell of whiteboard ink lingers on the edges of his khaki pockets. 
The endless march of bologna and cheese sandwiches with mustard, mayo and some horseradish-- to make it bearable-- begins again.

See you next summer, lover....


Further Up & Further In said...

Awww...that's such a great bit of Wordage, there. Love that metaphoricalicish Stuff.

:) Hang in there. At least you get to see him at night!!

Jana said...

Very nicely done!

Peculiar said...

You know, Robin did a great thing when she came up with the Pensieve, and you and another I've read so far, have got this thing down! This is a very good one. I really think she reached her goal of having the reader "experience" the moment with the writer or identify. I did so with yours. Great job!

Anonymous said...
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