Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Perfect Suit

After watching this video on the evolution of swimwear and hearing the Jessica Reys call to a return to modest and classy swimsuits, I have spent All. Day. obsessing over suits. Since we moved into a house-with-a-pool two years ago (what?? has it really been that long?), I find that my bathing suits have become a major part of my wardrobe. At least four months out of the year, I wear one almost every single day. And-- since we have kids and all our friends have kids and kids love pools-- I also find that I'm wearing my bathing suit often when we have people over for dinner and play times and etc. So here I am. Stuck in public (often in mixed company) in a bathing suit. Blah. Not my fav.

Add to this the fact that my recent weight loss has left my former Lands End lovelies... let's say less than "supportive" in certain areas.

Well, you get the picture. I'm wear t-shirts over my suit these days. Yuck.

Anyway, after 12 hours of obsessing, I'm pleased to announce that I have found The Perfect Suit. It is classy. It is modest. It is feminine. It is stylish.



I am going to be saving my pennies for many moons before I actually have a chance to give a formal REVIEW of the product, but in the meantime, I wanted to share this website with all of you! Because it is just that good. They also sell suits for little girls and modest dresses, tees and camis. I love just about everything I saw on the site!

Now I'm going to have to spend another entire day webcrawling to try to find a pattern just like this so I can go make my own, because obviously now that I've found The Perfect Suit, nothing else will do!