Sunday, May 13, 2018

Hello there...

I read an article, years ago, about how women frequently have their self-identity wrapped up in some way with their homes. So a messy, cluttered home makes a woman feel herself to be anxious and disorganized, etc.This resonated with me and part of why I love this house so much is that I do feel that it in so many ways represents Me.

Would you like to come and see my house? Would you like to visit it and hear her story?

She is old now and a little scruffy as to yard and shutters,
The wood siding covered with vinyl-- less glamorous, but more practical.
Don't we all turn to the practical as we age?
Her yard is lush and welcoming, but there are the scars of many happy hours of
Kickball, soccer, tag, and garden-of-statues
She has always welcomed children.
Come on in.

The front door has been replaced. It sits a little sideways in the frame
And the doorknob tends to fall out when guests attempt to leave.
As though she were saying: no, don't leave yet, 
Chat a little while longer, have another coffee
What is out there that you need so badly? 
Stay and rest.

Stepping across her threshold in the morning or in the evening, in particular, 
Light pours through the windowed walls, the french doors, the transoms.
Dust motes and dog hair dancing in sunbeams.
The light is the first thing that drew me to this house.
I thought, walking across this threshold will always lift my spirits
Here is joy.

"She's built like a tank, this house" the inspector told us.
There is an old crack in the foundation, you can see it,
But whatever geological catastrophe caused it has been well-weathered.
The floors creak, and there's a definite slope in the upstairs hall,
But she has settled well and rests on solid ground,

Her walls are silvery gray.
Underneath are layer upon layer of past fads of garish blues and greens,
But here in her old age, she's taken on the restful colors;
Gray, silver, wood, brick, and beige.
She is a calm cocoon of light and gray,
A wise blend.

And out of every window you can see a dogwood tree,
Or a cherry, crab apple, lilac-- abundant blossoms.
I sit on the back deck, high up in the dogwood, and write,
And ponder, and dream, as old things do. 
My thoughts wandering out over the railing, across the mountain,
At peace here.