Friday, August 29, 2008

New Blogger

Got a new blogging friend on the sidebar, guys. Check her out! Cranberry Paper is a friend of mine from childhood-- now married, with her own little one and a rockin' home business giving the best haircuts on the east coast! Haven't tried the color jobs yet, but they're probably just as good.

Her most recent blog about an embarrassing encounter in Walmart is a funny read-- enjoy!

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The Cranberry Paper said...

:-0 Why thank you! Youre too kind. And yes...I was in the parking lot/car/home/everywhere for the next 3 days ...kicking myself and thinking of what I should have said :) :) Oh well.... I came up with some really good ones too.

"...then Im assuming at youre age..youre paying for your medicare? I also assume you dont recieve a social security check either? tax dollars could be spent much more wisely."

That, in reality is probably a little harsh. :)