Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Why I have nothing to post about tonight:

  • Camera card reader is lost
  • Chickened out of the poetry thing for now
  • School was supposed to start for Sofi this week, but things are a leeetle bit crazy, so no school stories to tell
  • All profound thoughts in my brain leaked out around the time I read "Bathe One Baby" to Judah for the millionteenth time today

BUT. I am working on several posts in my head (and in my drafts):

  • Why I hate dislike intensely most recently made children's movies
  • The mysteries of raising a boy (ie: how to get Judah to stop hitting people-- including himself-- in the head with toys and other objects)
  • Poetry (if I can get my nerve up)
  • The latest pictures (if I ever find the card reader)
I now know why professional bloggers have all those themed days-- like Works for Me Wednesday and all the "copycats" (*ducks for cover as all the other bloggers who do themed days throw their keyboards at her*). It's to keep the boredom of everyday life from infecting their blogs! 

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Matt and Laurie Beardsley said...

LOL....please PLEASE make the mysteries of raising a boy a group post, or have people submit mysteries.

Some of mine:

Why Joey likes to back himself up until he is sitting pressed against a wall and bang his head into it....
How it is possible for an almost one year old to only grunt, when sweet little 5 month old girl babies, babble their brains out....
How it is possible for something so small to "talk"(grunt/yell) sooooo loudly that everyone in an entire grocery store will turn and look at you.