Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Boys in the Kitchen

Remember our Pinterest Mud Kitchen? We're putting it to good use on a daily basis, now that we've raked up the TWENTY-FOUR BAGS of live-oak leaves that was giving it a vampire-movie-set vibe that made it hard to play out there...

 photo IMG_8875_zps1cf90ecd.jpg

 photo IMG_8870_zpsb6c0877c.jpg

 photo IMG_8867_zpsda554661.jpg

 photo IMG_8864_zpsf1f799b1.jpg

 photo IMG_8863_zps5c20e5f2.jpg

 photo IMG_8882_zpsfa1e7e13.jpg

 photo IMG_8884_zps8908b6e9.jpg

 photo IMG_8891_zps9c5fe751.jpg

 photo IMG_8894_zpsce6eceb5.jpg

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