Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Meals Under a Dollar

Ok. So. Tonight's dinner was awesome. Awesome and super cheap. It has inspired me to start a new... sompthin.' Meme? Series? Whatever. If y'all want to join in, let me know in the comments and I'll set up a Mr Linky so y'all can add in your own posts. The basic idea is for menus for tasty meals that cost under one dollar per person. Tasty is important. If it's not tasty, we don't care how cheap it is :) I'm calling it MUD: Meals Under a Dollar, 'cause I'm a sucker for an ironic acronym.

Here's the menu and cost breakdown. I'll post the recipes in subsequent posts.

Bean Salad (from the Williams-Sonoma Cookbook) Deviled Eggs (my own recipe) Grilled Peasant Bread (my own recipe) Frozen Orange Julius

(and I bought some Brie to serve with it, but forgot to put it out :P )

Cost Estimates (I'm not including things like salt and pepper and condiments, since I keep those on hand and have no idea how to estimate those costs...)

Bean Salad: ($3.75/2 since we only ate half... $1.90)
3 cans beans (3X$0.60)
1 bag green beans ($1.50)
1 onion ($0.20)
dressing ($0.25)

Grilled Peasant Bread: ~ $1.00
whole wheat rolls ($0.75)
olive oil (?X 1/4 cup))

Deviled Eggs: $0.32
eggs (4X$0.08-- eggs were on sale this week, so I've been using them for proteins as much as I can)

Orange Julius: $0.60
oranges (free)
bananas ($0.10-- I buy over-ripe ones @ $0.25/lb and freeze them, which makes really great drinks)
milk (~$.50)

Total Cost: $3.82 to feed four people


Denise said...

I really love the idea of joining this. It would help me get back into more regular blogging, you know?

However, I rarely keep track of what I paid for what at the grocery... Could I still just post a recipe that I *think* would be under $1 a person?

Thanks for the recipe.... This bean salad is on my "must make this week" list!

Hosanna said...

Does it count if you used self-canned veggies and home-raised meats/eggs, making a meal totally FREE? :)

Herb of Grace said...

Denise, an estimate is fine. Mine were rough estimates for the most part also.

Hos, if it's homegrown and free, you get BONUS POINTS.

Lauren Valentine said...

I love this idea Lis! I have to ask...was that the smallest onion ever? 20 cents for 1 onion?! I'm also jealous of the free oranges!