Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Cheal Mama's Guide to Cloth Diapering #3-- Where to find them

I'm really stretching it a little to try to devote an entire blog post to cheap sources for cloth diapers. Here's the list, in descending order of price:

1) Etsy

There are a veritable multitude of work-at-home moms making bucks on the side selling diapers on Etsy. Prices range from around $10 (or $6 on sale) to off the charts for super-cute styles, or custom designs. We bought Jude's cloth pull-ups from this shop. Although it seems like she's no longer selling the style we bought.


This is a small-time distribution website for natural parenting resources. The reason they work for me is Swagbucks! A 5$ gift card is only 350 swagbucks and two will get you their signature organic bamboo pre-fold and cover-- you pay about $5 shipping. Sweet deal!

3) Amazon clearance

The regular, everyday price on Amazon really aren't any better than buying direct, and they don't have a huge selection, BUT! If you collect Swagbucks for Amazon gift cards, or you find a good clearance sale, you can really get a great deal! We bought our cloth swim diapers there for about $8 a pair and got free shipping.

4) Ebay

I buy on Ebay and Craigslist most often. They are the best dependable deals I've found. Ebay always has pockets for around $5-- shipping included (Hong Kong knock-offs of Fuzzi Bunz). Occasionally I"ll find someone selling extras off their stash with low shipping, too.

5) Craigslist

Craigslist is my BFF. Seriously. Even before I started actually USING cloth with Jamie I ran across a few people clearing out their stashes when they potty-trained their youngest child. I've gotten diapers with plenty of wear left for as little as a buck or two a piece. I bought all my shaped/contoured diapers off a woman for $2 each. It was awesome. I got wool and fleece covers for about $8 each.


Yardsales with cloth diapers are like the Holy Grail for this Cheap Mama. The problem is, of course, you can't often find diapers at yard sales. Most people (as do I) try to make a little back on their investment when they sell off their stashes, so they list them on Ebay or CL for other people specifically looking for cloth diapers to find. But, oh mama! when you can find one! My fav story is some old (reeeeally old) Fuzzi Bunz I bought for $4 each. They worked great for the four months or so that they fit Jamie, despite their age, never leaking-- not once. And THEN. I sold them. For $5 each!!!!!!!!!!! On Craigslist :)

Now THAT'S a Cheap Mama Moment.


Lauren Valentine said...

Thanks again Elisa for all the diapering posts! There's so much info out there and I miss having my friends close by that I can just go talk to about it. I'll try Etsy and the mom4life site, I hadn't thought of those. My problem with Ebay is that I feel like if I'm not checking at least every other day I'll miss the good deals. And although I do want to spend as little as possible, I don't want to buy from China. I have become slightly obsessive about checking this local moms upcycle group on facebook which works kind of like craigslist but it's SO much easier and more convenient for a city the size of ours. We actually got a couch, loveseat and covered rocker in almost new condition for $350 this week. There, I had to brag on my cheap mama moment. Anyway, miss you friend, and thanks again for all the tips!

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

I'm reading through all your diaper posts right now and had to comment on this one because of your awesome buy for $4/sell for $5 score. Virtual high five!