Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lookee, Lookee!! (my Christmas present from J)

Sometime shortly after we moved into this house, we found this lying by the side of the road (I really wish a had a straight-on pic of it with the drawers in...):

blogresize4 photo blogresize4_zps957856b9.jpg

We threw it in the back of the truck and brought it home to use as a changing table/dresser for the boys. After a while running that gig for a year or so, the dresser graduated to the dining room and functioned as a "bar". I needed some extra drawer and counter space and this served the purpose.

(remember, he "Kimed dat"?)
 photo IMG_7966_zps1fe6378f.jpg

I was dreaming of this beautiful thing, though (go ahead, go look, I want you to compare)... So, for Christmas this year, J made THIS for me!! (and it's now finally finished and in use) 


Here are some of my favorite details:

Wine rack

Slide out for my pretty mixing bowls and ramekins

We broke out the center of the door and J hack-sawed off (and spray-painted) a portion of a garden edger fence-thingy from Lowes to make a decorative door. Don't know yet what we'll keep in here.

Now all we need are the bar stools!!!

I really want to post more on how we made it all, but I don't have time today! Suffice to say for now, the whole thing cost under $100!! I'm in love with it and it's inspiring me to re-organize my entire kitchen!


Hosanna said...

W.O.W. !!!!

Lisa said...

It looks so good! I can't wait to see it in person!