Sunday, December 4, 2016

Courage and Valor

We had a guest speaker of sorts this morning in our Sunday School class. She brought to light, almost as a side note, the story of God's call to Gideon. Gideon is threshing wheat in hiding from the Mideonite oppressors and the angel of the Lord appears to him and says, "The Lord is with you, mighty man of valor!" The incongruity of his situation and emotion with God's greeting to him has stuck with me all day...

My sister posted a confessional about her weekly Sunday night dread of the return to the homeschooling routine of Monday morning on Facebook tonight and I responded with one of my favorite quotes, "Courage, dear heart" It's Aslan's voice, speaking to Lucy in the depths of dread darkness. Those words echo frequently in my heart when things seem dark and confusing...

Mothers, wives, sisters... If you are facing this week with a feeling of dread, inadequacy, fear, or heartache; if life beyond the relative comfort of the weekend feels just a little beyond your ability to manage or direct, remember that He bids you be of good courage. If you are hiding in a wine press, frantically trying to thresh out a little wheat before the marauding Mideonites come to devastate and destroy, remember that when He looks at you, because of Christ, He names you a Mighty Woman of Valor.

You are a Mighty Woman of Valor, dear heart.

Also, remember the marauding Mideonites are cute some of the time.

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Polly said...

I love this!! Gideon is amazing--or GOD is amazing in how he uses little Gideon. What He sees and what Gideon feels are very different, but it doesn't matter because Gideon took Him at His word (after some messing around with fleece).
This is how we feel sometimes--God says He will reach every tribe, tongue and nation through US and build up His kingdom through us, his holy ones, His priests to the world. We're like, "us, holy? Ambassadors to the world? Undefeatable? Seated in heavenly places with all Jesus' authority on earth? Whaa??" But if we don't believe Him, we'll never live out our destiny. And if we do . . . who knows what He will do through us, like Gideon! So exciting!
Also I love that God doesn't give up on him when he is super pessimistic about himself and the whole situation. "Me, the least of the clan in the least of the tribes of Israel...*gripe gripe gripe*". God still picks him up and uses him. :)