Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Soficism #2

(listening in on a conversation between Sofi and her 8-year-old friend, Corrie)

"Don't you want your P.B.J., Corrie?"

"No, I don't like P.B.J."

"Well, just try it, you might be surprised that you like it... See, wasn't that good?"

"Actually, yes!"

"That's because hunger is the best spice!"

"I don't know about that...."

"It's true, my Daddy told me so."

1 comment:

Kiddies in the Sun said...

Continuing the Howell tradition of spreading the joy of PB&J sandwiches! Mom credits your mom for our love of them! I don't think we'd had one until we lunched with ya'll one day!!
Very cute!