Sunday, June 22, 2008


We just recently switched back form Blockbuster's online rental program to Netflix. We had Netflix for a year or so and were very happy with it, but wanted to try out Blockbuster, since it offered the option to rent movies locally, too. But after some major hassles with their "late fees" policies, we've switched back to Netflix. And in so doing, we've discovered that they've added this coooool new feature-- online viewing (or "Watch Now", as they call it). Basically they have a huge selection of movies "streaming" on their site that you can watch (without having to download them) directly on your PC (they're working on getting licensure for the Mac). It's pretty cool and they have tons of movies-- even some fairly recent ones. And best of all, they have cool kids stuff, like Shirley Temple and the Hermie movies. And of course the classics like Lawrence of Arabia, Diehard, and Much Ado About Nothing. You should check it out!! Here's a link:


Jenny said...

We love Netflix! Have you checked out the Parents ratings system. If you look up a movie, beneath the pic you'll see the regular rating (PG, PG-13, R, etc.) just under that, on many movies, you'll see "Parents:" and a little red, green or yellow box, followed by an age #. Click on the "more" link and it will give you all the specifics about why the show is good for what ages, etc. It's great! Tells you all the details about concerning problems: Sexual content, Violence, Language, etc. Even down to which swear words are used and how many times;) I love it. We've kinda made a rule about not renting rated R movies, but we make exceptions sometimes based on these parental ratings (ie if it's just the overall storyline that is adult, OK;)). It's a great feature so, if you haven't already, check it out!

Rachel said...

We like the 'watch now' option too! It's great for the kids, as you said. I know they are also offering the equipment you need to link it to your tv, so I hope we'll be able to do that soon, that would be great!