Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Candlelight, Scrabble and a lovely glass of the Buble: or "How We Almost Burned Down the House Accompanied by Some Light Jazz"

One of my favorite blogs on my blogroll is Ordinary Days. Sarah is an ex-Marine (I think. Forgive me if I got the wrong branch of the military-- which, I understand, is a cardinal sin) and mom who writes with humor and pep. I kinda borrowed some of her ideas here...

Those of you with kids know that keeping a marriage...interesting, let's say...can be something of a challenge and requires effort, planning and creativity. Am I right? Yes, I am. I like to think that in our marriage we implement all of the above and have maintained just the right mixture of sugar and spice.

A short while ago, in the interest of maintaining said interesting marriage, I put the kids to bed and prepared to greet J (coming home late from teaching the night class) with some candles, wine, a little Michael Buble and the suggestion of a nice, romantic evening of... Scrabble. (go on, check it out, i'll wait. the rest of this won't make any sense unless you go and read. ready now? ok)

It was really nice. I pulled out all the stops. I had candles on the tables, the bookshelves, the floor and a roaring fire in the stove. We had wine and music and appropriate Scrabble-playing attire. Very appropriate. The children were asleep in their beds. J arrived home. The game was on.

I don't think I mentioned that this whole episode occurred during our bout with the flu, did I? Children don't sleep very soundly when they have the flu.

"Mama. Why are there blankets and candles all over the living room?"

"Oh, well. Mama and Daddy are having a little... picnic. Go back to bed."

(thank God for robes)

A little while later, sounds of coughing and choking and lack of breathing swing us into action with the steamy shower treatment for that croupy cough-- you know how it goes.

A little while after that, once the wine and the jazz have RE-worked their magic, just as the Scrabble game is getting veeery interesting... the candlelight is soft, the comforter is cushy, the... whaaa?? What is up with that candle over there on the floor... uh oh. Wow. Hey, it looks like maybe... yep. The floor is on fire. Lookee there.

I really wish I had pictures of that fire. I mean, how often do you get to see pictures of the very beginnings of a house burning down, right? Usually it's all....


But who ever photographs the first few flames, right? But, while I am not above postponing the dousing of a kitchen fire for the purposes of photographing it for the blog, I draw the line at a flaming living room floor. Beside, I tend to try and keep the camera as far away from our games of Scrabble as I can.

We went on to put out the floor fire and Scrabble was resumed. It was a good game and nothing was lost due to the frequent and traumatic interruptions. Like I said, it takes Effort, Planning and Creativity. And also a sense of humor and some perseverance.

From Floor Fire


septembermom said...

Glad that no one got hurt! I would continue with my Scrabble game too. Perseverance and a sense of humor do get you through the rough times :) That's some picture. It's like Atlanta in Gone with the Wind!

Seth and Karen's blog said...

That is just waaay too funny! I will never think of Scrabble the same way again and may use this "analogy" when I need to be careful with my wording! ;)

Beck said...

We once lit an oil lamp for a romantic evening and lit my husband's mother's curtains on fire. WHOOPS!

Scot and Kristen said...

This is way too good Lisi!! 2 thumbs up! Hmmm... scrabble.... :)

2Shaye ♪♫ said...

SOOO sorry I missed this one during my blogging sabbatical. This is GREAT! My take is that once Scrabble has begun, no matter the interruption, the game must eventually continue.

On the pictures...I am known for taking pictures of our disasters around here. Kid dumps two boxes of cereal on the kitchen floor, I (yell at the top of my lungs and then) take a deep breath and grab my camera. Kids take every last decoration off the Christmas tree and dump their toys all over the place, I (pout and moan and threaten to do something terrible next time this happens and then) grab my camera. One day when I'm long gone, my grand (or let's say great grand...just to be optimistic) children will probably go through my old photos and ask themselves, "Why in the world did grandma take all of these disastrous shots?!"

Hey, maybe this comment is one of those things that people refer to as a "comment turned blog post," no?

Loved the story, and the previous story (still giggling over the wooden letter holder image), and the photos. Glad your game of Scrabble was great, too!! ;)