Monday, February 22, 2010

My Favorite Things (for right now and in no particular order)

I didn't jump into this meme right away, because I always have a hard time thinking of my favorite things. I have too many. And the list changes all the time depending on my current obsession... But I've seen a couple lists lately that inspired me, so here's mine, (for now...)

My husband, who, after nearly nine years of marriage, still writes me love notes

Valentine's Day, because despite all the hype and commercialism, it reminds me...

Old, old, falling down houses with beautiful bones and an air of graciousness and patience

My children, still playing peacefully together after two weeks of Snow Days

Wood stoves

Wood floors

Vacuum cleaners

built-in bookcases and wainscoting

a lime in my water bottle

Eight o'clock wake up times for children and a half-hour with the Lord to start my day

My husband, who still (after nearly nine years of marriage) surprises me with wine and chocolate on a fairly regular basis

Pink-- fuschia, actually. Despite my age and size, unfortunately.

Jazz vocalists. Not the real jazz, the "lite" stuff-- for non-fanatics. Such as Buble, Sting, Connick, Jr. and such as those. Perhaps "lounge music" would be a better term?

Paying five dollars for something and selling it for ten. It's the German in me. What can I say?

Finding cool music on Youtube.


Blue and yellow. Or blue and white. Especially blue and white kitchens.

My (finally finished!) blue and white kitchen.

Toille. Especially blue and yellow toille.

Bird-printed fabrics. Birds in general.

Teacups. Tiny spoons. A tea table laid with mis-matched tea cups and saucers, tiny spoons and lump sugar.

Going to bed early with a good book. Currently, Elizabeth George.

All detective fiction. Especially British detective fiction.


Gardening. Flowers and veggies, both. Feeling dirt in my hands and watching seeds turn into food and beauty.


Gramoni said...

With a list like that you ought to come back and live in T-ville!

canningmama said...

I can readily say that 9 of your favorite things are some of MY favorite things too. Especially the wood stoves and husbands part. And I am also the same in that my "favorites" change on regular basis. : )

septembermom said...

Very nice list. I love finding music on YouTube too. Reading about your love of gardening, I really have to join in on that fun.

Hosanna said...

Great list...... I gave up listing all mine, it would just be to long. I need categories, and sub categories, or something. Thanks for playing. :)