Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blogging-- Facebook-style

Dear Body, You are not going to get more than two three hour stretches of sleep for the next six months. Deal with it. And get over yourself. Love, Me

Judah: "Mama, this is a song. I have no aaaaarrrms, my heeeeaaad is chopped OOOOOFF, my leeeegs are broken and I thiiink Costco has no saaamples leeeft!!!"

My laundry is so bad this week, I think it may actually qualify as a Bio-hazard.

Judah: "I'm a.. I'm a ... I'm a... WhatmamI'mam Mama??? A VIKEEEN! Yeah! I'm a Vikeen! I'maI'maI'ma... whatmI'm am, Mama? Oh! A VIKEEEN" (multiply by 5oo)

"Aaall the knights in Camelot eat bananas. They eat bananas at the Wouwnd Table. Our table is wouwnd too, Mama. Why is Camelot so far away?"

more later....


Jenny said...

That's awesome. Sounds completely like my life right now. Between Evie and Jax, I'm constantly telling someone to either "be quiet!" or "just STOP it!".
Evie started a song about bugs eating other bugs being eaten by other things (there was a whole "There-was-an-Old-Woman-Who-Swallowed-a-Fly" progression thing going on. She made it up, and it totally made sense (AND she sang it more than once almost exactly the same way!;)).
LOL...wanna change lives for a day? You'd feel right at home;)

Rebecca Walsh said...

Ha ha ha, I love it! Especially the part about Costco.