Thursday, April 7, 2011

In Which J and I Wish the Floor Would Open Up and Swallow Us (or; "Why Did We Ever Teach Him to Talk??)

Last week, in "school", Judah and I read a story about Prairie Dogs. He really latched on to the concept and was a Prairie Dog for days afterwards. He actually got so involved in it that he invented a new kind of Prairie Dog.

A new kind with some unfortunate juxtapositions of vowels and consonants...

"Mama, I'm a Cahnt Pairie Dog today! And Dadah, you're a Cahnt Pairie Dog, and Sofi's a Cahnt Pairie Dog TOO!"

Only, in your mind, replace all those 'a's with 'U's.......wait for it..... wait.....There.

And then picture that scene in the pew. At church. While all the faithful are filing out after the service.


And so, for the rest of the week he has been a "new supah heeroh, Mama"

"I'm a fire-shooting, C,auhnt Pairie Dog that howls out LIGHTENING!!"


Well, I'M not going to tell him, are YOU?


Niecey said...

That's awesome! What Lana was younger she made up an animal called a Baby Darnnit. She used to pretend to be one on all fours saying, "darn it, darn it" I thought that was embarrassing enough, but I think yours wins the prize!

Hosanna said...


Susannah Forshey said...

WHOA!!! That ain't RIGHT! :D:D:D

Lauren Valentine said...

Hahaha! Oh wow. Reminds me of Meet the Fockers. $%&hole coming out of the mouth of an 18 month old. Haha!