Thursday, May 31, 2012

Judah's Castle Bed

Judah's been using the old bunkbed that he and Sofi used to share back in the apartment and between that behemoth and the crib that Jamie's been using, there really isn't much space in their room. Not at all. But just a few weeks ago, looking forward to his birthday this weekend, I got a brilliant Idea!! Using inspiration from a Pinterest board, J and I designed a bunk bed faux-front castle makeover that has the added bonus of turning the bottom bunk into an enclosed, safe and difficult-to-climb-out-of "toddler bed" for Jamie! Judah gets a cool Boy Bed and we can trash the rickety old crib, freeing up some much-needed floor space.

Win and Win.

Best of all? We already had some plywood scraps leftover from garage shelving that we could use. And the paint samples left over from choosing colors in the living room were perfect for painting "stones" and windows! So we get Big Boy Bed, floor space and FREE.

Win, win WIN!!



Judah learning to use the drill:



Jamie gets instruction from Daddy:


Everyone getting in on the action:




There are two more end panels that weren't up yet when we took this picture, so I'll have to update with the really finished product later :)


Gramoni said...

How about a couple of wading pools now to simulate the moat?

Hosanna said...

Awesome. So very cool!