Friday, May 25, 2012

"Please, pleeease shut the windows! It's messing up my hair!"

"No! I want mine open!"

"It's ok, Judah, I'll shut them and turn the air on."

"It's not that I"m cold... hot... cold.... I mean, I don't want the COLDNess, I just want the window OPEN."

"But it's messing up Sofi's hair. When you have women around, you have to be careful of their hair. Ask Daddy if that isn't true..."


"It's true, buddy."


"But women's hair is BEAUTIFUL! Ask your daddy!"

"Yes, it is, son."

"Mooo-oooom... Now he's looking at me like he wishes I didn't HAVE any hair!!!"

" no, I'm wishing I didn't have any WOMEN."


shandtmorris said...

and this too shall pass. The kid is pretty cute! Give him a kiss from his Grandma Sandy. I will be up in Summerville from June 6-16 if you guys have time.

Denise said...

Your kids' conversations are too funny!

Jennifer said...

This. Is. Hi.Lar.I.Ous! Love it! And miss you all:(