Saturday, August 4, 2012

My morning started with poop and just went downhill from there.

Jamie came into our room at 6:20 yelling "Boh-Boh!!!" which means "potty". J, in a sleep-haze, pulled off the diaper and set him on the baby potty. Responding to Jamie's call, "Oook, Mama!! Oook!" I went to "ook" and discovered that he'd been poopy already and now his entire lower body and the whole baby potty was covered in poop. I threw him in the shower, wiped down the potty and went to get him a bottle of milk.

It was a foreshadowing of things to come.

In between my first cup of coffee and the time I actually sat down to eat my egg, Jamie dumped out the remains of a bag of quinoa all over the kitchen floor. And proceeded to track it all. over. the. house. while I frantically chased him around with a vacuum. While I was vacuuming up the worst of the mess (kitchen), he came running in yelling "Boh-boh!!" again.

"Oh Jamie, you're already wet, see?" (un-snapping the sides of the pull-up and taking it off) "See right here? "You tinkled in the pull-up" (holding the pull-up up in the air so he can see it)




More poop. ON my foot. And the floor. And Jamie.



"Maaaaamaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I CAN'T get the vacuum to go AROUND dis corner!! MAAAAMAAAAA! I NEED YOU!"

"Now is not a good time, Judah. There's poop everywhere!"

Cleaned up the poop, finished vacuuming the quinoa, helped Judah move the vacuum around the corner, started Sofi on her chores and sat down to finally eat breakfast. 9:30 am.

That is my Saturday so far. Surely we can only go up from here... Surely?

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