Sunday, October 14, 2012

More about my Pop-pop

I wrote this about my Pop-pop in 1998... It might not seem like it was about him on first glance, but it was Pop-pop and Grandmom that I was thinking of as I pondered the importance of deep roots "in the pattern of things". I have been blessed to grow up in a family full of traditions and an order of life. I know many would envy me that security and I have never taken it for granted.

They Have Roots

Tall fir trees
Standing sentinel by the lake
They, all dressed in golden touches of the dying sun,
Stand faithful
In their duties for a hundred years;
Guarding my
Past and present from the future.
They have roots
Firm deep in the pattern of things.
So seeing
I go on my way a little

November 23, 1998

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Anonymous said...

If I make a song of this, I'll have to un-split that infinitive. O:-)