Tuesday, October 9, 2012

This week's PSA

Have you tried Ziplist yet? You should.

I posted on FB last week that I was looking for a way to do menu plans and grocery lists online. Someone suggested Ziplist and I'm giving it a try. So far I love it. My favorite features so far...

  • My top favorite feature is the toolbar button that works a little like the Pinterest button. When you see a recipe on a website or blog, you click your "Recipe Clipper" button and it finds and stores the recipe for you on your Ziplist account. 

  • I can make my grocery list and organize it my either the categories (departments in the grocery store) or the stores I'm buying each item at. This is key for me, as I shop at several different stores each week to get the best deals. It's nice to have a separate list for each store

  • I can make a weekly menu plan by selecting recipes I've stored or by entering recipe links, and entering them into the week's calender. Then I can add each recipe to my grocery list (it does it for me, actually) and deselect items I already have on hand.

The site also searches for online deals on the items I have on my grocery list. It keeps a log of the items I put on my list each week (including the store where I purchase them), so each week's suggested list gets "smarter". Ie; I don't have to re-enter each item every time I make a new list.

I haven't explored the site fully yet, but it appears to have other home organization helps beside menu/grocery stuff. I recommend you check it out!

Do you have any favorite online home-maker helps? Have you tried Ziplist before? What other things should I try out?

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