Friday, September 4, 2015

Mama loves yoga

It's Friday. TGIF. Whew. Another week finished-- almost. I mean, it's only 7:30 on Friday. I"m only two cups of coffee into the day...

I had a yoga class at the YMCA last night. Yoga is wonderful. There's nothing like an exercise regimen that alternates between kicking the crap out of you and putting you nearly to sleep over the period of 75 minutes of intense strength-and-flexibility-moves-and-poses. It's pretty nice.

It's also nice because it's 75 minutes of focus. 75 minutes of slow, deliberate concentration on one thing. Or perhaps a series of things... but really just one thing-- moving your body. My mind is so fragmented these days. A product, I suppose of both the society and age in which I live and the fact that I have three kids, for two of whom I am both mother and teacher. My job description is basically Hoop Roller Extraordinaire. I dash from side to side, back and forth around my little hoops, giving little nudges and occasional whacks with my stick to keep them rolling in the right direction. I'm rarely doing less than two things at once at any point during the day.

Part of my recent return to the discipline of daily writing has been an attempt to begin the day with a focused, calm activity that will give my brain a chance to focus in on one single thing. Ask me how that's going... Already since I started this post, I've gotten distracted once by looking for a gif of a hoop roller (nada) and once to check out an open tab that I didn't remember opening. It's only been ten minutes of writing...

And now my time is already up and the hoops are rolling down the stairs to start their daily race

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Polly said...

Go, Circus Master, go!!!