Friday, May 30, 2008

Memorial Day

Tessi came for a visit and to celebrate Memorial Day and Judah's birthday we went here:

And here:
And did a lot of this:
And some of this:
And after over an hour of that we felt a little like this:

And this:

But we felt much better once we got here:

And on the way back down we went here:

And did some of this:

But by the time we finally got back to the car, we still felt like this:

So it's a good thing that that evening it rained cats and dogs and we could get refreshed by going out and doing this:

All in all, it was a good day!

(pics from the birthday party later this weekend!)


Denise said...

Wow, Lisi... that looks like a really fun time, but also very hot and tiring! I know you enjoyed having your sister there... I can't believe Judah is 1 now... seems like he was JUST born or you were just telling me you were expecting. Crazy. But I loved the pictures.

Jenny said...

Just beautiful! There are times when I miss your "neck of the woods" -- though never the heat! UGH! We're enjoying the perfect temperatures of Spring in the NW:) Gotta love it! I just can't believe Judah is 1 already -- seems like yesterday we were wondering if you were going to make it to the family reunion;) What a cutie -- Evie's been enjoying "remembering" her cousins through the videos:)

Toni said...

I had a ball, y'all. It was very fun, and I miss you very much.


Matt, Lauren & Noah Valentine said...

Fun outing and a wonderful narrative! And I love Sofi's haircut - could she be any more adorable?! Didn't think so.