Saturday, May 3, 2008

Waaaay cool

So I have sitemeter on here, in case you haven't noticed, and I just found a really neat function of their service. I can actually get a list of where all you people are who read this blog-- as in geographical location-- although not who you are. There are some locations listed that have me completely baffled as to who the person reading might be. Jacksonville, Louisiana? Who are you?! Of course, Ben in Iraq takes the prize for "furthest distance traveled" to visit this blog. But now I'm really curious. Who is reading? Are any of you regular visitors? How did you find me? And where are you from?

If anyone reads this post and has not yet broken radio silence, please do so and at least take the opportunity to post a link to your own blog so I can "see" who you are and say hi. I'd love to "meet" some new people and return the favor of your generous patronage.


mama's madness said...

Hey Elisa...don't know if you remember me...used to go to Cov Pres and was around when Sophie was little...can't believe you have a new little guy who is already up and moving. I found your blog from who knows where but was blog hopping one day and ended up here! Have you bookmarked now and check up on you and Susi when I have the chance (she used to babysit for me long ago when my Laurel was a babe...) anyway,when you see Lynchburg VA show up on your sitemeter, now maybe you'll know who is checking up on you! I'm really just a blog stalker and don't usually comment, but figured I shouldn't keep you wondering :-)Love hearing how life and motherhood are treating you!
Chrissy Hinton

Denise said...

Oh my... I wonder often if I should do this, but seeing the ENORMOUS (*insert sarcasm*) response, I figure it's a waste of time. I have visitors in Australia and Japan and all over Europe. I do know what search engine criteria they get to my site with, but sheesh...