Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mama's Bad Day

So after seeing that I had linked back to her ol' poop story, Smocklady decided to hold a drawing for a $25 gift certificate for anyone who will post (or link to) their favorite "Mama's Bad Day" story. You can enter twice by leaving a comment on her site and also linking back to her from your own blog. You should give it a try! I know some of you-- you've got goooooood stories. Laura, the infamous Martin's Grocery Store Debacle???? If you don't post it, I will!!

One of my favorite stories of Bad Day for Mama involved Sofi at about age... three, maybe? We were in the shoe store looking for dress shoes for a wedding I had to be in (I believe). At the time Sofi's interest in shoes was minimal, at best. As I tried on pair after pair, she was wandering around pulling stuff off shelves and generally getting into trouble. In the aisle next to us was a man and his wife/girlfriend, also trying on pair after pair. The man was a bit on the chubby side, but gamely crawling around on his knees pulling out pairs for the woman to try on and helping her shove her feet into them. As he reached over at one point, his pants began to creeeeep down his backside. I saw Sofi notice, stare and then reach to pull on my arm, "Momma, Momma!" I knew what was coming. In what seemed like a perfect slo-mo moment, I shoved the shoes I was trying on into the box grabbed her into my lap and started frantically trying to change the subject as I gathered my gear and tried to make a quick get-away.

 "Momma, that man's butt is peekin' out!!" 

It's amazing how far a two-year-old's voice can carry in a shoe store.

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