Sunday, September 27, 2009

*happy sigh*

We've had a very intense, but quite lovely weekend. I have to say, there are no friends like old friends. Having Hos and Omi here for three days was so.... refreshing. All the shared memories, the old jokes instantly remembered and the comfortable conversation-- so real and relaxed after nearly two decades of fighting and making it up. No need to worry about offending, this friendship fits like an old pairs of jeans.

Thanks for coming, guys! It was a blast!!

P.S. More pictures of the weekend and of Susi's new house to come! I'm back, baby!


Hosanna said...

It was a blast! I'll be back! And I will start scanning those photos for you today. I'll send them after I get them all done, 'kay?

Dawn Farias said...

That does sound nice.