Friday, September 11, 2009

Return from the Wilderness: Sheridan, Wyoming

I'm not sure if I have enough bandwidth here at KOA Sheridan, Wyoming to upload my videos and pictures, and moths keep flying into my screen-- which is very distracting-- but I did want to take a moment and update y'all on our trip. Trust me, you haven't missed anything. :P Here are a few highlights of the last three days in bullet form:

  • Saw a bald eagle
  • Fell in love with Lake Cor d' Alene
  • Judah dumped a pot of ketchup on his lovey blanket
  • Washed out a blanket that looked like it had wrapped a murdered corpse in the public restroom on I90
  • Navigational Device died five times, causing us to miss countless turns and involving lots of creative swearing
  • Saw some antelope
  • Saw some bison
  • Arrived at KOA Yellowstone at 9:00 pm to be informed that "the bears are out, lock up your food"
  • Lots of peeing in a bucket to avoid meeting bears in the dark on the way to the bathroom
  • Judah dumped my caramel mocha on his sweatshirt
  • Took first shower in 72 hours. Never felt so good!
  • Did NOT see Old Faithful
  • More antelope
  • Lots of mountains. Everywhere.
  • Finally getting quite tired of beautiful scenery. Would trade it in cheerfully for hot bath and accessible bathrooms.
  • Arrived at Sheridan KOA in time to discover that Violet has diarrhea and Sofi has a wicked cough.
  • Judah is still kicking the edges of his peapod at 9:00 om.

My dearest love, J,

Next time I think up a hair-brained scheme like this, remind me how much I HATE camping!

your distracted and sleep-deprived wife


Lauren Valentine said...

Aww, you may hate camping but you'll love the memories. I hope Violet and Sofi get better FAST!

Hosanna said...

I told you so. :) lol Seriously, I hope things will be ok with Violet and Sofi and everything. I am thinking about you guys.

j said...

Ok. :)

Aren't you glad Ben and I talked you out of pitching a tent every night?

Miss you.

Jenny said...

All I can say is .... what the H@#$P(* were you thinking?!?!? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.