Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A few Quick Takes for Tuesday

(this is what you do when you have six FB statuses rolling around in your head and you can't decide which one to post!)

1) What did I ever do to deserve kids who like neither grits, nor fried apples with scrambled egg? It's like Southern Breakfasts are anathema to them...

2) Dear Over-Zealous Mayorial Campaign Worker,
who drove her bike, complete with flashing red strobe light, up to our house, clumped up onto our porch, shone her head lamp into our bedroom window, opened and then slammed shut our screen door (I assume leaving literature about our dear mayor) and then clumped back down the steps to her strobe-lighted bike AT FOUR OCLOCK THIS MORNING.....

never mind. it's not printable.

3) If we don't get some rain real soon, this whole property is just going to blow right off the map and then where will all our plans to move to Fl be?

4) Everyone in this county who knows me is hereby invited to come visit ANY TIME in the next two weeks. I want LOTS of company :) We have no a/c, but we have a kiddie pool! And I will make you some iced mint tea and let you pick as many flowers as you like and dig up bits and pieces of whatever plants you want. Just give me about ten minutes warning so I can clear a path from the door to the kitchen table...

5) Birth Circle is a pregnant-women-and-new-moms support group, with an emphasis on the experience of natural birth and breastfeeding. Kinda like MOPS for hippies. (since you asked)

6) They are actually going to jack our house up off the foundation to repair some beams today. Apparently jacking a house up off it's foundation is not really that big a deal. I would rather have remained more ignorant about the permanence of my house's position on it's foundation. I now have visions of it just randomly sliding off one day to go visit another house down the street, or something.


Rebecca said...

Lol at your comment about your house going to visit another house! What an amusing mental picture. :)

I don't like iced tea, but I'd come visit with you if I could. I know I've said this before, but even though I don't live close to you, it's still weird to think that soon you'll be really far, instead of only sort of far. :(

Hosanna said...

I am coming this weekend, I think - we might bring some stuff up for the Austin's if they need us to, and then spend the day with you guys; if that is ok.
I remember when my parent's had their antique old barn jacked up to fix the beams under it. I was actually no big deal. We could hardly tell. They jacked it up a few inches is all.

Jenny said...

Hey, if your property blows off the map, it will be easier to leave, right? Plus, you've already got it sold;)
Thanks for clearing up the Birth Circle thing. Didn't realize you were a hippie...should've guessed;)
#6 brought pictures of "Monster House" to mind;)