Friday, June 25, 2010

More Quick Takes to keep y'all in the loop

1) We found out the coolest thing ever! Check out Jude 1:1. Isn't that awesome? Totally didn't know about that before naming Jamie. I tend to skip past those introductory verses just a wee bit, but we've been reading Jude together out loud this week, so it just jumped out at me for the first time :)

2) Moving day is Sunday, starting at three. Anyone within a thirty-minute radius is hereby begged to come and help!

3) Does anyone have a co-sleeper (either the in-the-bed kind, or the bolt-to-the-bedside kind) they'd want to lend/give/sell real cheap? I'd willing to mail it back from Orlando if you want to just lend it short-term.

4) Judah and Sofi have been spending tons of time each day in the wading pool outside. They wear sunscreen, re-apply frequently and are inside between... say, noon-ish and four. However, they are both brown as nuts! Those of you used to hot climates, am I going to have to get more careful about sun exposure, or is this "tan" a safe and healthy one? Our apartment has a pool right out the back door and I foresee manymany more hours outside every day this summer... And neither of them will wear a hat.

5) Anyone want to come pick up a free:

growler from Cally's
sandbox (the green plastic turtle kind)
lawnmower (reel, not motorized)


6) I trimmed my rose bushes for the last time last night. It made me very sad.




Hosanna said...

Bagnabbit!!! I totally would have taken your reel lawn mower with me last weekend had I known you were getting rid of it!!!! *sigh* oh well.

Jenny said...

that is a hilarious picture;)

Denise said...

Is there any way you could get the sandbox to your parents house so I could have it (like when Tessi goes back home - I don't know what kind of car she takes to get back/forth)? We're coming back to NC in two weeks and I've been scouring Craigslist for months and never get one!!! I'm using a $10 kiddie pool with a sheet over it and annoyed and how inconvenient it is to use & pull in and out of the garage to keep the sand wet. Twice a day.... If not, no problem. Just asking.

Praying for your move!! Elyana has a tan too, from being outside, but I didn't think it was healthy, but I just can't seem to keep it from happening.

canningmama said...

i want the reel mower!!!!! haha, if only it weren't 3 hr away. i've been wanting one!!! (yeah, me, the wife of a landscaper, lawn mower, but they're COOL!) and I LOVE the picture! is this the only belly pic we're gonna get? it's super cute!

Gramoni said...

I assume that isn't Granma's desk you are giving away, since you know your mom wants that. Hmmm? What's a growler?

Gramoni said...

Jude and James were brothers and both most probably Jesus' brothers in the flesh. I didn't think of that either, but it is a wonderful choice of name. The Olivers in your dad's family have roots with the Huguenots persecuted in France for their divergence from the Roman Catholic doctrines and practices. Your family is eligible to be a member of the Huguenot Club--not that you'd be interested, as we weren't, but it is edifying to realize you have connections to some significant things God was doing back then. None of us is just a quantity--another One. We are each unique combinations of qualities as well, with unique stories, with unique beginnings and ends. Our Jude and our James are not the same as Jesus' brothers, but they will some day be glad that they can claim the same names and honor the two they look to as models.

Herb of Grace said...

Denise, the sandbox is yours! We'll leave it at mom's.

Mom, thanks for commenting about the Olivers :) I wanted to add that to the previous post about Jamie's name, but it was just getting too long and cumbersome...

A Growler is a glass jar our local micro-brewery fills for a set price.

Nope, it's an old desk that Laurie B. passed on to us when she moved and we're passing it on now.

Denise said...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! You have no idea how long I've been scouring Craigslist and contacting people, only to get NO responses. And the Kmart, Walmart, Toys R Us trips where my coupons weren't valid, etc.... Thank you! :)

I know this move is bittersweet! May you be blessed beyond measure in Florida, more than you could imagine.

Love - Denise

P.S. I'll call your parents so we can pick it up in 2 weeks! :)

canningmama said...

Ha! This blog post was linked to your most recent blog post and I think it's hilarious that both of these (CUTE) pool pictures are taken with you wearing the same shirt and there is a red and yellow toy in the water. : )