Sunday, May 29, 2011

Profound Thoughts

"The key to being a good friend is to know when to Sympathize, when to Galvanize and when to simply keep your Mouth Shut."

~~Me. May 29, 2011

I thought that up in the shower tonight. I think up lots of profound thoughts in the shower. I also write a blog post every. single. night. In the shower. I do most of my best thinking and writing in the shower. Probably because it's the only time I'm ever alone. And quiet.

So that's my excuse for my recent blog silence. Now that Jamie's crawling and pulling up and scooting and practically walking, I have No Time to do more than think up the post. I take the pictures, but never download them. I compose the posts, but never write them down.

Also, my laptop died a sad and violent death. One day it was chugging along its usual faithful way and suddenly it started to hum loudly, the screen went all colored-y lines and wavy-ness and fizzzzzzz and it burst into flames! (not really that last part-- that was for dramatic effect). The loss of my laptop has compounded my lack of time and space to think. I can no longer prop myself up at the table with the laptop in front of my plate and furiously write while the children eat lunch. Or turn on an "educational" movie on the PC, for the kids, while I write a quickie post. Or take them to the library and blog while they read.

Nope, now I have to actually sit, in a desk chair, at the desk, my back to the children (warningwarningwarning!!) and use an actual mouse if I want to get any writing done. So. Basically, that never happens. Ever. But I really love my blog, so this isn't a lead up to a dramatic goodbye or anything, just your basic, run-of-the-mill excuse post-- trying to justify the waste of a place in your blogroll. And also to beg your patience and continued readership, which I treasure, despite my recent delinquency.

See y'all again soon, I hope!

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Hannah said...

My old laptop died a long, slow death... one key at a time! One day I could type the letter "l", the next day I couldn't. One by one, the letters went out on me. No fun!