Monday, May 16, 2011


I know I will be narrowly skirting all kinds of political turmoil in this post, which I don't like to do on this blog. BUT, when J shared this with me tonight, I couldn't help but post about it and release the rage valve a little. This is the Dark Side of Corporate Capitalism.

Remember this lovely Dove ad? This one promoting a healthy self-image for young girls? This one decrying the promotion of an unattainable and un-natural body image? The one that asks you to participate in the Dove Real Beauty Workshop For Girls?

That ad makes me want to go out and buy Dove products right now.

This next ad makes me want to go out and strangle me some sexist, misogynistic ad executives right now. (warning: offensive, check for little eyes looking over your shoulders)

And the sicksicksick thing???

If corporations are "people," they are some sick, messed up people. "People" with some severe multiple personality disorders. Capitalism is not a flawless system. Faceless Multinational Corporate Capitalism has replaced the personal responsibility of small businesses in a community with a self-serving, profit-driven disregard for the message a given company is presenting. This allows Unilever to reap the benfits of promoting a healthy body image to young girls with its right hand, while at the same time its left hand is tantalizing young men with unrealistic female body images.

I cannot think that this is a good example of the ideal way for a society to engage in trade and grow its economy.


Brooke Chao said...

Unilever also owns a company that pushes skin lightening products to young women in India. I couldn't agree with you more.

Rebecca Walsh said...

Wow, that ad is pretty disgusting. I can't help but wonder why those women would even degrade themselves to be in that commercial. All to bring to life a stupid, false male fantasy. I have to admit that it makes me kind of mad.

Herb of Grace said...

Rebecca, I wondered the same thing. I assume they were paid very well.

julie said...

AmenAmenAmen! It makes it really hard to live according to your principles when the corporations we support because of their products (my ultra-sensitive skin is so thankful for Dove!) give money to other organizations or political initiatives that we don't agree with (or don't know about... even scarier), or - as you just pointed out - do things we like and things we don't like at the same time! It's so messed up... and so sad. :(