Monday, August 1, 2011


1) There is still an entire room in our house with no furniture in it. None. Nada. Nothing. It's completely empty. Except for a laundry basket full of dirty laundry and Judah's dress shirt, which he keeps forgetting to put away.

2) Jamie only walks when a) he feels like it, and b) no one is watching, or c) he's not supposed to touch whatever it is he's walking towards. So-- no video. Yet. I've been practicing sneaking up on him. We'll see what transpires.

3) I have admitted to myself that I do not have the money to buy nice furniture, so bullet 1 is the status quo until I get around to re-upholstering the chairs I bought for a song today at Goodwill.

4) It's supposed to be a "no media" summer-- no movies or computer games for the kids till Sept. Ask me how well we're enforcing that. On second thought, don't ask.

5) We desperately need rain.

6) J went back to school today-- two weeks of teacher training before class starts. All I can think about is how much work on the house and yards we didn't get finished and now we won't be able to get to it till Christmas break.

7) Every time I try to write a blog post, someone needs me about halfway through. Today, for example, I wrote 1-6 above, in the morning. It's now nearly 10:00 pm as I finish and post a totally random collection of bullet points, that at some point had some sort of connection to one another that I've now forgotten...

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