Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Things I love

As I nursed Jamie this morning before his morning nap, his usual frantic gasping, "aheh, eheh, ehummm" and grabbing fistfuls of flesh with both hands to shove the breast into his mouth ASAP! followed by that unmistakeable grooooansiiiigh of contentment, struck me as more comical than usual. I started to giggle and then laugh outright.

He looked up quizzically, sideways, cutting his eyes toward my face, "Whaaaa..?"

And then, catching the humor, a little grin tugs at the corners of his mouth, bulging the chubby cheeks outwards, milk begins to dribble.

I laugh again, he starts to chuckle, the milk dribbles. His bright eyes, full of fun, sparkle up at me and we laugh and laugh and laugh...

Moments like those make up for it all.


Brooke Chao said...

Yes. Yes, they do!! What a sweet moment. Thanks for sharing it!

Denise said...

My heart melted at the beauty of a shared laugh between mother and son, in the beauty of the nursing relationship... *happy sigh* I adore this!

Jennifer said...

Love those memories:)