Saturday, August 6, 2011

Jamie versus Judah: Or, Why My Hair is Turning White Even Though I'm Only 32

Jamie is very different from Judah. Very different. I think I may have mentioned this before? In addition to walking four months earlier, refusing to learn the signs we taught Judah at eight months, trying to eat thumbtacks, paint and bugs, and all around giving us a run for our money, this is a perfect example of the most recent development in strength and determination to get his own way.

Remember this cute elephant towel? Someone gave it Judah when he was born. I think it's adorable and I love it-- the babies who've worn it? Not so much. Every time we put it on Jude, he made pretty much that same face.

I've been wanting to get a similar picture of Jamie wearing the same towel, with the same expression on his face.

But. The problem is...

When we put the towel on Jamie, he doesn't simply make a disgusted face, vocalize his disapproval and wait for us to take it off. Ah, no. Jamie rips it off his head with both hands (despite my attempts to restrain him), screams a battle cry of rage, lights it on fire and stomps it into ashes.

For realz.


Jennifer said...

And HOW, pray tell, is he getting the fire?!?!?;)

Herb of Grace said...

He just gives it this LOOK and it bursts into flame! I'm tellin' you, this kid is SUMPIN' ELSE.