Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's official

I know some of you have already heard about Jamie's adventurous last few days, but I thought I ought to document it here as well.

Yesterday we got our a/c replaced with a more powerful and efficient model. This is only important because it sets the background. Since there were maintenance guys slambanging all around the garage, Jamie napped in the MBR, on the other side of the house. Napped in the peapod on Mama and Daddy's bed. Just like Judah used to. And Violet. And Lillian. And Noah. And Joey. And Naomi. That peapod is, as I've mentioned before, amazing. A life-saver.


Except that as soon as I put Jamie in, zipped it up and walked out the door, he immediately began climbing UP THE SIDE of it, sending it sliding right off the bed and nearly onto the floor. But for the Grace of God and Mama's quick reflexes, he would have gotten a nasty bump, but you see, I'd already had an inkling of what might be in store for me and was watching from the door-crack. I caught the other side of the peapod frame, inches before he hit the floor.

And then because I simply couldn't believe that after five other children and a four year history of peaceful sleep and no accidents, our beloved travel-sleep system could be made obsolete, I rearranged it on the bed and stuck him back in. Before I even made it back out the door, the little monkey was up the side and off the bed again!

Then I set it on the floor. And AGAIN, he climbs up the side-- although not fully flipping it this time. It's a little more stable on a hard surface. And he did eventually fall asleep in it, but not before attempting to turn the thing completely over (and nearly succeeding) from every possible angle. I really don't think I'd be comfortable having him sleep overnight in it.

I should further point out that even Lillian, admittedly the most precocious out of the above list, never even tried to flip it. She did manage to unzip it a couple times, but we quickly outsmarted her with some twisty-ties.

So this makes it official, after a week in Jamie's life that included such adventures as eating a thumbtack and pulling a bucket of paint over onto himself and then eating it (resulting in my first ever call to the Poison Control Hotline), I can say with confidence that this will be the child that sends me right. over. the. edge.

You might as well bring on the straitjacket.


Niecey said...

Zoe peed on the cat to dominate it. She drew all over her playhouse and our livingroom. She ran outside and gave chase all around, in front of cars, a busy road etc which would have been bad enough in itself, but the fact that she was completely naked certainly added to the stress and hilarity of the situation. She's scratched and clawed and hurt all members of the family other than the baby (thanfully). She got out everything in our closets in our room and threw them all over the house (while I was feeling good about getting the kitchen clean). She escaped from a store, onto the parking lot and started running...while I was paying.
This was all this week. There are many more such incidents.
I'm already over the edge. I feel you!

While we were at the curriculum fair, seasoned moms were observing her jumping from table top to table top in the cafe and screaming in defiance and they smiled and patted us on the shoulder and assured us, "it gets easier". I'm holding on to that hope!!

Polly said...

Oh my gosh!! :) You're in for so much fun! Just think when he starts climbing trees...and using tools...and weapons...and exploring the neighborhood... :) What a precocious little guy!

Jennifer said...

OH.MY.GOSH. That's all I can say --- guess you just hold on to the "God will never give us more than we can handle" concept, right? He certainly knew I couldn't handle THAT! I've had it SO easy;)