Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What I did with the Bricks

Those of you who follow me on Facebook may remember my post last weekend about getting a load of free brick? Well, here are some pics of what we did with them!





They are really nice, old-fashioned, hand-made (I think) bricks. Truly lovely! They were once a section of College Park roadways and I like to think they are enjoying their Second Life in our yards!

Now that the veggies are planted in those raised beds, I'll have to take new pics and post them. Can you see how much trimming up we've done on the trees in the front? Isn't it looking NICE???

Here's the original video I took of the house the first time we saw it. I'm posting it now because I'm about to post some pics of our recent projects around the house and I need y'all to have a frame of reference :) Enjoy!


Jennifer said...

Wow! Lots of work - isn't home ownership fun?!?!? ugh. Love the raised beds - did you put something under them or are they open to the ground underneath?

Herb of Grace said...

They're just open... I had intended to put down some landscape cloth first, but somehow it just didn't happen...

Hosanna said...

Nice. I love old bricks. I used old bricks from our torn down chimneys to make a walkway in my garden and part of our patio. :)