Thursday, June 16, 2011

Book Review: Here, Home, Hope

Every so often I sign up to do a book review for One2One Network. It's a great way to try out a new book-- maybe from a genre I don't usually read-- and it makes me feel important to review an actual book, by an actual author on my blog. I've found a few winners, too, which just makes my day.

Unfortunately this one wasn't one of those winners. I really hate giving bad reviews. Matter of fact I'd much rather simply not read or write about books I dislike. But, when you receive a free, advance copy with the understanding that you will write a review expressing your honest, uncensored views... well, what can you do?

So the truth is, I really disliked this book. Sad but true. I found the main character, Kelly, to be self-absorbed, uninspiring and a rather sad example of middle-aged frustrated maternal angst.

In addition to the lack of inspiration in the main character, the plot jumps around from vignette to vignette in a confusing and seemingly pointless manner. There's a crippling lack of a strong story line and quite frankly, I had a hard time reading past chapter nine, at the end of which Kelly adds to her "Things to Change List", a trite item number 8-- "Remember All My Blessings"


There's no point in remembering "Blessings" if you have no connection at all to the the Author of those Blessings.

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