Thursday, June 23, 2011

I am thirty-two years old. Thirty- two. But apparently my SKIN hasn't gotten this memo. Despite my advanced age maturity, my skin insists on reacting to every. single. skincare regime change like a sixteen year old girl...

"What? What? Whathe..? CLEARASIL?? WHY are you ruining my LIFE??!! Arrrggglllluggllgg!! Noooooo! I hate you!!! preciousssssssssssssssss....*croak*"

And then I have to endure the next five days of, "Mama, why do you have so many boo-boos on your face??" and "Wow, honey, that's a really big one..." It's enough to ruin even the most secure self-image, which I frankly don't have.

Honestly, if I have to endure this all the way through MENOPAUSE, I'm just going to throw a serious temper tantrum. Do you people even KNOW how bad an acne cyst riiiight in the crease of your nose HURTS???



Hosanna said...

I feel the same way sometimes.... :( My skin and my oily hair both.

Susannah Forshey said...

Aaaargh!!! Me tooooo!!! *whine* As if it's not hard enough just being a mom and putting up with a constantly changing body.....I still retain the curse of adolescence. :(

Denise said...

I do know my monthly cycle's hormones are what wreak the most havoc with my skin PERSONALLY. That's why pregnancy and non-cycle-while-nursing-over-a-year is a huge boost to my personal appearance at least in that regard.

Karen struggles continually with her skin's acne as well - as in, literally getting scars from it! I know she traces it to food intolerances (such as dairy). No, these things did not give her acne in her younger years!!! I'm just saying, possibly, you could try an elimination diet, taking out dairy or gluten, for at least 2 weeks, and seeing if there is a cause-effect relationship?

But... I am sorry. SUCKS

Rebecca Walsh said...

I feel for ya. :(

Jennifer said...

You're in good company. I actually treated my skin as if it were oily (ie like a teenager) every time I got acne. I figured out much later that it did better if I treated those cyst things with medicine (ie linament or Neosporin type stuff). Then I realized that I really had combination skin and started using milder stuff, then moved to "natural" and organic. Just last week, I went into Ulta to pick up some more Bare Minerals Exfoliating Treatment Cleanser (which I found I LOVE but is kinda expensive), and the girl there convinced me to try something else. She said my skin looked more irritated (ie sensitive) than "acne-prone". I know I have sensitive skin, but I always treated the acne which is harsh. SO, I started using Mario Badescu skincare - for "redness", rosacea, etc. I'm loving it. Though, the switch has been tough (as usual), the stuff seems to work great (and it's cheaper than the BareMinerals stuff).
Of course, a good night's sleep and eating right help a LOT, too;)